Sandra McIver visits ImagiKnit

July 24, 2013

Sanda McIver

We were so pleased to have Sandra McIver, author of the innovative book Knit, Swirl! visit ImagiKnit yesterday.  Her one piece, one seam designs look amazing on everyone and are sure to keep the knitter engaged from start to finish.

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All color is relative: Amy Hendrix visits ImagiKnit

March 12, 2012

Amy Hendrix Visits

Amy Hendrix, the creative mind behind Madeline Tosh, stopped by for a color theory workshop this weekend. We learned some basic principles of color theory, and then used those principles to better mix and match colors for our knitting projects.

Amy Hendrix Visits

The first half of the class was spent learning some of the history of color, and how it has been used and created throughout. We learned many of the terms we could use to describe colors such as hue and saturation.

Amy Hendrix Visits

The second half of the class we got down to business learning what made a good color combination, how to match our own complexions, and how to translate that into our knitting projects.

Amy Hendrix Visits

Thanks again Amy! We had a great time!

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