Made in America Extravaganza

July 06, 2013

We’re feeling very patriotic in our red, white and blue and want to highlight companies that produce 100% Made-in-America yarns and needles.  The sheep are raised in the states, the trees are grown on American soil, and the end result is uniquely American.


Pagewood Farm


Giant Purls and St. Elias 

Pagewood Farm yarns boast innovative textures and captivating hand-dyed colors.  These small-batch yarns are one-of-a-kind and would make amazing accessories.  See our full stash of Pagewood Farm yarns.




We love Twirl so much we’ve blogged about it before.  Twirl features free-range, humanely raised animals and naturally dyed and undyed colorways.  Plus the labels are so darling, they feature descriptions of the animals who gave their wool.

Brown Sheep

Brown Sheep is a classic yarn often used for felting (but don’t worry, they make washable yarns as well); they have been committed to keeping  their products made in America since 1980.







These ImagiKnit engraved needles are handmade in Rhode Island from strong, smooth wood.   You can shop happily knowing you are supporting a company that employs physically and mentally handicapped adults.  Take a look at the full range of needles here (especially the rainbow-topped design only available at ImagiKnit)!


Made from California grown birch, Brittany straight needles, double points and crochet hooks have all the best qualities of wood — smooth, strong and easy to wield.  Crocheters out there should consider Brittany for the stunning handles on the hooks.

Cashmere Kits for Her, Him, and Everyone!

March 20, 2012

Scarf Kits

Pictured above: The kits for the scarves above are, from left to right, Duo, For Her, For Her, Quatro

Jade Sapphire Cashmere kits are a steal for yourself or a nice gift for a knitter friend. In one kit get enough yarn for one luxurious scarf, approximately 350 yards (200 grams) of 8 ply worsted weight cashmere, and a booklet of seven patterns to chose from. The kits come in several themes including for her, for him, duo (multi colored) and quatro. We have samples from several of the kits on our sample scarf rack for you to peruse and feel for yourself. Stop by and check them out here today!

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MacGyver Knitting

April 28, 2009

Knit Kit

This is exactly the sort of tool that you would want in a tight spot. The Knit Kit is a veritable Swiss Army Knife for knitters – the kit includes scissors, stitch marker, thread cutter, point protectors, row counter, and a removable crochet hook. All that and it’s TSA approved. Airplane knitting just got a whole lot easier!

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