Customer Creations

June 19, 2009

Nicole and Jenny

We love seeing what our customers make! Nicole and Jenny from Stash and Burn came in to do a little show and tell, Nicole is wearing a garter hat in Silk Garden and Jenny is sporting a Malabrigo Chunky scarf.

Slip Stitch Vest

Jeremy wearing a stunning vest, knit by Bob. Those wonderful, long color changes, it must be Noro. And slipped stitches create the almost houndstooth-like pattern. So dapper!

Celia and Malene

Malene models a sleek Cropped Cardigan from Blue Sky Alpaca, knit by Celia using Blue Sky Alpaca Sport. Love the shawl pin closure!

Devil Hat

And finally, here is Jack sporting a crocheted devil hat, complete with tail!

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Customer Creations = Babies!

May 10, 2009


When it comes to knitting for babies, you know that the projects are small, you can use a small amount of some fabulous yarn, and that they will wear it adorably. Just like Aidan, in a Lorna’s Laces Angel hat in the colorway Tickled Pink.

Jen and Mila

If your mom used to work at the store, you can be sure to have a hat and sweater for every outing, just like sweet Mila. She looks like a little cherub!

Baby Sophia

Even brand spanking new babies must have their handknits. Here’s five day old Sophia in another Lorna’s Laces hat, in the colorway Child’s Play.

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Handknit Hat Gang

March 21, 2009

my 3 stooges in hats.jpg

Peachie sent in a photo of the hats she knit up for her children Maya, Natalie, and Lucas. She calls them her ‘stooges’ and what adorable stooges they are!

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Customer Creations

January 24, 2009

Nicole stash and Burn Gusanito Hat.JPG

Nicole from the podcast Stash and Burn, is wearing the best slouchy beret, made using the Basic Tam pattern from The Knitter’s Book of Handy Patterns. Knit up in the Gusanito colorway, eggplant.

Vera Cascade 220  Russian Design.JPG

Vera is wearing a sweater with arresting diagonal eyelets, made from a Russian pattern. She used a lovely color of Cascade 220.

Lorraine poncho from old issue of interweave.JPG

Lorraine shows off the gorgeous poncho made from a pattern in an old issue of Interweave Knits. She used Encore Chunky.

Patty Encore ch Blanket cro.JPG

Patty’s cozy blanket is made up of crocheted squares using a medley of Encore Chunky shades.

Susan's Kids Hats.JPG

And finally, Susan’s kids show off their fabulous handknit hats, from left to right Beth, Claire and Maggie.

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Beautiful Lace

January 11, 2009

Bob Lace Shawl.JPG

Bob brought in her amazing triangular shawl knit using Malabrigo Lace. Such a lovely transition of patterns, here’s a close up:

Bob Detail.JPG

Mer Lace Shawl Superior.JPG

And here is Mer showing off her beautiful stole made with Tahki superior. The detail shows off the diamond lace pattern:

Mer Detail.JPG

Makes me itch for fingering weight yarn, needles and some charts!

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