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Endless Summer

We have had some weather! This past Sunday at the Castro Street Fair was a glorious example of Indian Summer at its best. Here at the store, part of the summer was spent crocheting a coral reef with Marcie.

Crocheted Coral Reef detail

And photographing yarn in the sand, very appropriate with a name like Sea Silk.

Sea Silk in sand

This lace weight yarn comes to us from Hand Maiden Fine Yarn and it is made up of the unlikely combination of silk and seacell, a fiber derived from seaweed. It has made the rounds on knitting blogs and one beautiful example is Grumperina’s elegant Dolphin Lace Scarf. The colors are simply luminous, ranging from subtle monochromes, such as Mineral, to standouts like Popsicle.

HandMaiden Sea Silk

But all good things must come to an end, and so must summer in San Francisco. With the smell of wood smoke accompanying the chill in the evening air, Autumn can only mean one thing: more knitting and more yarn!

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