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With a name like Smooshy, you know it has to be good


Smooshy, from Dream in Color Handpainted Yarns, is a superwash, sock weight yarn with an incredibly soft hand. It is spun from Australian Merino wool, but the pleasure is more than onomatapaeic knitting.

Take out your Art History books, because what Dream in Color does for hand painted yarns, is very similar to what the Impressionists were trying to achieve in painting. Think of the quality of light in a Monet, the dappled lilly pond in Giverny. The yarn is veil dyed, a multi-step process that produces a delicate play of colors. What this means for you, the knitter, is that the beauty of the color on the skein, translates effortlessly to your knitted item. No more technicolor camouflage, the pooling that can sometimes appear in hand painted yarn. Instead, what-you-see-is-what-you-get!

Here is one of our frequent customers Karolee, with a beautiful February Baby Sweater, from Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac, using the color Petal Shower.

Baby Sweater

We also carry Dream in Color’s worsted wight yarn, Classy and their chunky weight yarn, called, what else? Fatty.

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