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Bird of a different feather

Conjoined Creations Pastimes yarn

All the gifts were knit and given, now it is time to knit for yourself, and it’s all about the lace weight yarn here in the store. Lace from a different fiber that is. Conjoined Creations Pastimes yarn is 100% soysilk, a fiber made from soy proteins, leftovers from the tofu manufacturing process. Does that make it healthier for you? Well it is making use of a byproduct that would ordinarily be discarded, so that makes it green and it has an incredibly soft hand and lustrous sheen, so that makes it pretty. What’s not to love? The colors are stunning, so there are combinations to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Close up

Forget a money tree, I need a hand-dyed yarn tree. The colorways are Up the Down Staircase from the Literature Collection and Superstar from the Album Collection.

Yarn tree redux

Lonely Bull from the Album Collection, is the perfect compliment to a copper watering can.

Watering can

45s, from the Music Collection, is a beautiful combination of soft greens shot with pink.

Hydrangea detail

Clue, from the Games Collection is a vibrant show stopper and my favorite!

Yarn with Fuchsia

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