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Habu, Habu, we love you

Habu Wool Stainless Steel

Habu offers truly unusual yarns from Japan and we are happy to have a selection available in the store. On the top of the list of materials you would be hard pressed elsewhere, is their Wool Stainless Steel. Yes, it really is made with stainless steel, helpful in creating unusual sculptural effects when used on its own or when held with other yarns.

Habu Shosenshi Viscose

Just as unusual is Shosenshi, a tape-like linen yarn with a viscose coating. It feels and sounds for all the world like shreded paper, but this is tough enough to knit into bags and sweaters.

Habu Tobi Moire

Perfect for stranding along with another yarn, Tobi Moire comes in beautiful array of earthy colors.

Habu Cork Chenille

The 100% cotton Cork Chenille, with its pell-mell strands, is another novelty yarn just begging for intriguing combinations and pairings.

Habu Kasumi and Feather Moire

There is such an organic quality to Habu yarn, a characteristic clearly seen in both the Feather Moire and the delicately speckled Kasumi. The two of these combined would make a beautiful scarf, one guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

Habu Feather Moire

Good enough to eat!

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