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EcoYarns :: Bamboo


What makes bamboo eco-friendly? As a plant it is fast growing and the canes can be “harvested” leaving the plant in tact – making it a sustainable crop. Also, like hemp, it isn’t prone to pests – meaning less pollution. The resulting yarn is practical: absorbent and antibacterial, as well as beautiful: drape and luster. What is even better – the variety! There are so many different bamboo yarns to choose from:

My creation

Clockwise from the top: Bamboo from SouthWest Trading Company, Bamboo Tape from Rowan, Royal Bamboo from Plymouth Yarns, and Bam Boo and Bam Boo Print from Classic Elite.

EcoYarn :: Bamboo

And bamboo just gets more interesting when mixed with other fibers – Bamboo Silk from Ella Rae is a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% silk. This is an incredible yarn, cloud-like. It would make the perfect shrunken sweater to throw over a summer dress. So please, step into the plant fiber room and you will be amazed by all the knitting options available!

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