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EcoYarns :: Upcycle

EcoYarn :: Upcycle

Recycle is a term we hear every day. Your paper bags, soda cans, all recyclable and quite possibly a product of the process. But what does “upcycle” mean? Well instead of making the same product, a soda can melted down to make more soda cans, what would otherwise be considered waste is given a new life.

As far as knitting is concerned, nowhere is this more evident than in the yarns made up from the scraps of silk and rayon. Sari Silk from Mango Moon Yarns is a gorgeous combination of color and texture.

EcoYarn :: Upcycle

The vibrancy of the 100% Recycled Rayon Yarn from Himalaya Yarns is almost electric

EcoYarn :: Upcycle

And if your color palette runs towards the more subdued, then handpainted Sari from Honeypot Yarns might just be the choice for you. With any of these choices, you help close a gap in the manufacturing process. Reuse saves resources.

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