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Stretched Merino


No, it’s not what a shepherdess ride to the prom. What we have here is Evolution from Chameleon Colorworks and it is made from mechanically stretched merino wool. The micron count or the actual diameter of the individual fiber is stretched and set, resulting in a very sleek and silky fiber.

The colors share the same fluidity. There are the beautiful color combinations of the handpaints, as well as something they call “shadow dyed” which creates a gorgeous tone-on-tone effect. Through all the shades, the beautiful luster shines through.


This Sport weight yarn runs at a nice 150 yards per skein and it’s washable. But most of all, it’s Extremely. Soft. This is a wool that you’ll want to wear next to your skin. It would make a perfect shrug for a strappy summer dress, a sweater for the discerning baby, or a soft as-a-cloud chemo cap. This yarn fills a perfect knitting niche. Truly evolutionary!

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