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Brilliantly British Sheep

British Sheep Breeds

Do you ever wonder what is in your wool? You read the label and it might differentiate as far as Merino, but by and large we are buying generic wool. A blend. It’s something akin to buying a box of wine rather than a bottle of Chardonnay.

As an arm of Rowan’s Purelife range, the British Sheep Breeds yarn collection allows knitters an opportunity to sample breed specific yarn. This worsted weight yarn is undyed and so what you see is what sheep get, the creamy Bluefaced Leicester, the rich brown of the Jacob sheep, the blacks and charcoals of the Black Welsh, and the warm gray of the Suffolk.

The accompanying pattern book has echoes of A Season’s Tale, the one that made many of us fall in love with Rowan. Classic elements with the faintest torque of silhouette to give a more modern feel. Fall is a ripe time for knitting and we are getting more new yarns every day!

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