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Organic Wool


It used to be the only place you could find organic wool was in small batches at farm stands or farmer’s markets, but over time more companies have increased their ecological offerings. With their Purelife line, Rowan now does for wool what they did for cotton, in a gorgeous DK weight yarn that is doubly beneficial for you and the earth. The color names, like Black Tea and Onion, echo the natural dyes used. There is something truly wonderful about the palette, from the soft green of Parsley and the rich brown from oak tannins. As with all organic yarns, I instantly think of knitting for babies, something wonderful to put against their sensitive skin.

But what does organic mean? It is more a matter of describing what it’s not, that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used from the pastures where the sheep graze, to the wool on their backs. Also, care is taken in the processing of the wool, to reduce pollution. While Rowan is not the first company to foster this sense of environmental stewardship, it’s the size and scale to what they are doing. Will Rowan take these practices and apply them to the production of their other lines? We’ll have to wait and see.


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