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Color Theory + Madeline Tosh + ImagiKnit

Honeycomb Cowl Madeline Tosh
Photo By Madeline Tosh

= One fun morning! Mark your calendars. Amy Hendrix, President of Madeline Tosh, and creator of a palette of fabulous yarn colors will be teaching us about color theory March 11th from 9–11 AM. We have 30 spots open for the class and the cost to attend is $35. Call the shop, (415) 621-6642, to reserve your spot in the class and to find out about the supply list.

More about the class:
This workshop will provide students with a fun and fascinating introduction to the
basic concepts of a range of theories regarding the use of color. Many have
thought color selection is intuitive and unable to be learned. Yet, by combining
simple concepts, a smidge of history and a little fun with colored pencils everyone
can understand and apply both historical and modern color palettes and concepts
in their crafting projects.

What you will learn:
• General color theory and how light alters color perception
• The Albers color theory and the importance of understanding how colors interact with one another
• What color pairings great artists have chosen historically to create stunning palettes
• How to combine colors to generate complimentary pairings in your knitting
• How to select colors to pair with your hair, eyes and/or complexions
• How to include bright colorways in your knitting in ways you will actually wear
• Warm vs. cool color relationships, how to balance them and why
• The beauty of analogous color schemes, creating subtle color palettes with depth and definition
• How to create modern color palettes, and what modern artists practice often but never say

Hope to see you there!

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