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How do you learn something new? Whether you prefer individual instruction, a class or reading about it, there are a lot of great references out there for knitters both new and seasoned. Below are a few that have helped me through the hard spots.

Classes: There are many great class opportunities out there. I would start with your local yarn shop. We offer a range of them at ImagiKnit.

Private instruction: Maybe you prefer a little more attention. ImagiKnit offers individual and small group private lessons as well. Lessons can range from learning how to knit or crochet to “can you help me fix this sweater?” Call ahead and schedule a time so we can staff appropriately for your needs.

Books: I taught myself how to knit with Debbie Stoller’s book Stitch n’ Bitch. The illustrations and language worked for me, and I still use that book today as reference. I’ve heard great things about her crochet book as well, The Happy Hooker. Another book knitters find helpful is Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book. These books not only teach technique well, but they also include a few patterns to start you off.

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