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Silk Hankies from Tactile

A Handful of Tactile Hankies

3 Hanks of Tactile Silk

What is a silk Hankie?
“A hankie (also known as a mawata) is shaped over a frame (think of a small picture frame) with nails at each corner to create a square shape. A single silk cocoon is pulled into a square sheet and held in place by putting the corners of the sheet over the nails. Multiple sheets are built up to create a stack of hankies.” –Tactile Fiber Arts Studio

These silk Hankies were dyed by Maia Discoe of Tactile Fiber Arts Studio. Tactile is based in the East Bay and dyes their fibers naturally using plants and bugs to create their beautiful colors. Some pretty cool yarn can be made from these without even knowing how to spin. Instructions for knitting from these silk sheets come with the purchase of a hankie.

If silk isn’t  really your thing we are also carrying two different sock weight wools (already spun) from Tactile both naturally dyed. One is Bolinas Sock, a Blue Faced Leicester Wool and the other, Sierra Sock, a Merino Wool. You can check them out in our online store, or stop by for a visit.

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