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What to do with Habu

We just received a new shipment from Habu Textiles! Habu offers unique fibers like Kenaf (a plant grown in Africa) and Fique (from pineapple). We also stock interesting fiber combinations of linen and steel and bamboo and copper. Since most Habu yarns are fingering weight or thinner, it leaves many knitters to ponder, what do people typically make with this stuff?

Why not knit a garment? The Ori Ami Knits collection is comprised of 15 garments featuring designs for women’s wear and accessories that are all knit with Habu yarns.  Check out our wide variety of Habu Textiles and consider knitting a garment with them. You won’t be disappointed.

The photo above is from our Habu trunk show last year. It featured all garments made of Habu Textiles.

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