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Design to Fit Sweater Workshop


Isn’t it heartbreaking to knit a sweater that just doesn’t fit right, after all that work?  Bring in two sweaters, one that fits you well and one whose fit is not so great, some photos for sweater inspiration, and the amazing Barbara Paley will help you custom-tailor a stunning sweater.  This thorough workshop spans four weeks and covers plan-ahead finishing techniques as well.  You can check out the full course description in our class catalog. We are confident you’ll love this class as much as the other happy knitters who shared their experiences with us.

“I have both the knowledge to design and the confidence to knit sweaters without a pattern.  I also know if I follow the guidelines Barbara taught us, I won’t be wasting yarn, money or knitting time.” – Midge

“Not only did Design to Fit give me the confidence to design my own sweaters, it gave me tools to evaluate patterns and decide if they are right for me before I knit them. I learned techniques and principles that come in handy with almost any project.”  – Gabby

“By taking ‘Design to Fit’ I now truly understand the value of knowing ‘stitches per inch’ and how to apply that knowledge to create sweaters that fit me.” – Mary

Stop by the shop or give us a call at 415-621-6642 to sign up for this class!

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