August 10, 2014

Fiber Artist Feature: Kelsey Leib

Kelsey Leib is an ImagiKnitter by day and a fiber artist by night.


She graduated from Kent University with a BFA in Textiles and has been featured in galleries in Ohio, California and Washington.  Her vast knowledge of fibers and expertise in knitting, weaving, felting and crochet make her a huge asset to the ImagiKnit staff.


Kelsey’s sculptural textile work reflects her interest in the relationship of bodies as vessels and the dualities that are present in these forms.  She uses visual and material means to reference contrasts or complexities that are present in the physical and spiritual manifestations of self, particularly with respect to women.

Technique, material, and shape are all carefully considered to define a series of distinctive figural forms.  Each piece is meant to reflect different poetic associations with the body as a vessel.


Though Kelsey has worked with a variety of textures, she has had great success experimenting with yarns by Habu Textiles and Ito.  Stop by the shop this month to see some of her work in person, and don’t miss out on her Nuno Felting class which will be held on August 28th!

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July 6, 2014

Fiber Artist Feature: Corey March

It’s always fun when fiber artist Corey March stops by the store!  Her Identity Tapestry installation always requires oodles and oodles of yarn.


Corey collects natural fiber yarns and over dyes them so that no two balls are alike.  When you visit the installation, you are asked to choose a color of yarn you feel represents you.  As you unravel the yarn, you wrap it around statements on the wall that reflect who you are.  Complex portraits develop as simple statements are linked together.  As more and more people add their lines, patterns emerge and a tapestry of human identity forms which is specific to the particular time, place and people who created it.

Her Write for Me installation is another site to behold.


Her newest piece will debut tomorrow evening at Z Space in San Francisco (6-10 PM).  It runs from July 8th to July 27th.  Be sure to check it out!

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