September 11, 2013

Customer Creations: Thom’s Dave Sweater

Thom Sweater


Thom was one of the first to snag Whiskey Barrel, a new color to the Madeline Tosh 2013 line. Since we learned of his sweater we checked in with him constantly on its progress.  You can imagine how elated we were to have him come in and show it off for us.  The pattern for Dave comes from the much loved Queenland Collection Men’s (Book 9).

Thom used 6 skeins of Pashmina Worsted in Whiskey Barrel (Tosh Vintage would work as well).


Chest Measurements (yarn requirements): 34-36 (1,118), 38-40 (1,287), 42-44 (1,386), 46-48 (1,485), 50-52 (1,584)

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September 5, 2013

Staff Creations: Anniversary Blanket for Allison



Over the past 11 years, Allison has brought together a motley assortment of knitters, crocheters and weavers to staff ImagiKnit.  Known affectionately as ImagiKnitters, staff past and present collaborated to make Allison a blanket commemorating her amazing 11th year in business.

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources including the Harmony Guides Knit and Purl, Cables and Arans, Lace and Eyelets, and The Great American Afghan, Allison’s blanket allows each ImagiKnitter to represent their unique styles and personalities.

Our blanket was made with the ever-amazing Eco Cloud and so, so much love.  Click the photos to make them big and beautiful!



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